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and conditions

Terms and conditions for rentals

  1. The lessee accepts full responsibility for the rented equipment.
  2. The rental period begins on the day of collection of the rental equip- ment and ends on the last day of the rental period at 19.00.
  3. Return of rented equipment a day later at 08.00 will incur an extra charge of one whole day. With customers using our hotel pick-up service the equipment must be in the hotels ski room before 19.30, otherwise an extra day rental charge will be incurred. An extension of the rental agreement must be organised with us on the last day of the rental period before 19.00 at the latest.
  4. The rental fee must be paid at the beginning of the rental period.
  5. No refund will be given on early return of rental equipment.
  6. Refunds will be given in the case of an accident or sickness on pres- entation of an official doctors note.
  7. The rental equipment is not insured for theft or loss. If equipment is stolen it must be reported to the local police immediately. If the equip- ment is lost or stolen, the lessee is liable for the cost of the equipment at retail price, minus the rental fee paid.
  8. If equipment is damaged more than the acceptable „fair use“ amount, the lessee is liable for the repair costs. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair, the lessee is liable for the cost of the equipment at retail price, minus the rental fee paid.
  9. An insurance that covers, loss, theft and damage is available. Please ask our staff for the terms and conditions.
  10. Changing equipment during the rental period is possible. In the same price group, the change is free of charge. In a higher price group the difference must be paid. There is no refund possible for changing to a lower price group.
  11. The rental equipment is in line with the latest technical standard and is checked regularly. The ski bindings are randomly electronically tested throughout the season. Electronic adjustment is not done for the indi- vidual lessee.
  12. The lessee confirms with their signature that their data of weight, abil- ity, age, shoe size and gender is true and accurate in providing us with the information we need to adjust the boots to the bindings.
  13. Renting the equipment to a third party is strictly forbidden.
  14. The lessee must provide either a driving license or passport with photo identification. Children under 15 years of age can only rent equipment with an adult. Youths between 16-18 years old will need written confir- mation from their parents or guardian.
  15. The renter reserves the right to ask for a returnable deposit on the equipment. This is payable by cash or credit card.