DIE BÖRSE Store Rental Service Ski & Snowboards Bikes Gear Innsbruck Mutters
DIE BOERSE Store Rental Service Ski and Snowboards Bikes Gear Innsbruck Mutters
DIE BÖRSE Store Rental Service Ski & Snowboards Bikes Gear Innsbruck Mutters

We pride ourselves on over 40 years

of professional customer satisfaction

Finding the coolest bikes, the latest snowboards or skis with the most freestyle orientation is hard enough. Things get even more complicated when you are looking for professional advice when it comes to bikes, skis and boards, advice that is tailored to you and your wishes. Because you need special parts or just a really good tip from those who genuinely know exactly what to recommend.

But that is exactly what DIE BOERSE, your core shop in Innsbruck, is for. You can look around to your heart’s content, gather information and get assistance – for the coolest winter and summer trend sports and for your personal equipment. Repairs that others think are almost impossible. And of course the most exciting innovations on the scene, about which our snow and bike team will be happy to share their in-depth knowledge. Since we want to make it easier for you to share our passion for winter and summer sports, you can also rent the high-quality equipment for the perfect excursion through changing landscapes from us. After all, we do not sell you off-the-shelf products. We rent out equipment that makes winter and summer sports a perfect experience:

No matter whether you are looking for freeride or on-piste skis, touring or splitboard sets, downhill or cross-country skis, snowboards, snow gliders, snowshoes or toboggans, you can try them all out here. And should the snow not be falling, simply choose one of our downhill-oriented bikes, a cool BMX, gravel or dirt bike, or cover the most beautiful routes with our e-bikes. We also advise you on all aspects of safety to ensure that you conquer the mountain and it doesn’t conquer you – on the slopes as well as when freeriding. You can then take the appropriate avalanche transceiver set with you and also pick out a helmet, for example a full-face helmet or a helmet with suitable protectors for biking, based on the sound advice of our support team.

If your own skis or bike have come into contact with a stone or other obstacle that just refuses to budge, you can simply bring them in for repair. Remember, our service team doesn’t know problems, it knows solutions.

Sounds good? Then come and check it out!
We are looking forward to your visit.

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